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CanAmTrophy Diksalas 18.05.2019     Start 10.00

Participants free of charge:

-Washing equipment: 1 karcher and 2 high pressure water pumps.

-ATV "Bath" (video below)

-outside showers (with hot water)


Visitors free of charge:

-inflatable attractions

-children will be able to bake pies on the campfire

All visitors participate in the lottery (prize fund abaut 500 Eur)


Adults 8 Eur, children over 7 years - 5 Eur, children under 7 years - free.

CAN-AM trophy 2023, Diksalas, racing maps!

Hobby - super easy, without winch!

ATV 750/1000 - easier than previous years! (we hope you dont break your winches )

CT1/CT2 - as usualy guys, hardcore!

See you 19.08.2023 !


atv 750_1000
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